il nostro presepio 2011 : our 2011 Nativity scene

L'emittente regionale Antenna 3 Nordest ha videoregistrato e trasmesso il giorno 8 dicembre 2011 la Natività 2011 realizzata a casa nostra da mia moglie e da me.

La natività rappresenta in scala 1:25 la Loggia dei Cavalieri a Treviso.

The Italian regional broadcaster Antenna 3 Northeast has videotaped and broadcast on 8 December 2011 our Nativity Scene built by my wife and myself at home in 2011.
The Nativity is a 1:25 scale of the Lodge of the Knights in Treviso.

and today we'll show you a true work of art: The Nativity in the Loggia dei Cavalieri in Treviso (miniature of course) made by husband and wife, a couple of Treviso. A special feature that will include: the tiles made entirely by hand.

Guido Ranieri Da Re:
The idea of this crib was born about a year ago when we bought the surveys done by Guglielmo and Girolamo Botter of the Lodge of the Knights; I've made it with my wife, in great detail, but also starting from a careful photographic survey that I did to see how the frescoes would have been then represented in the crib.
These frescoes are very very interesting - the Lodge was built in 1277 - the frescoes covered it completely, now sadly for the most part they're lost, but there was a particular emotion in us in reproduce them in the crib seeing that each lunette, each arch, presents a different geometric design and different colors, with truly amazing results.
The structure of the crib is made of polystyrene that we have carved, plastered and painted, the tiles are made of brick - are about 3500 tiles handmade by us - we used the statues of Neapolitan workmanship, but for the rest all details are made by my wife, my father in law and myself.
The lodge was very strongly desired by us for two reasons: first, to place the birth of Jesus Christ in the history, the second reason is more of a family nature, because we wanted to demonstrate to our sons that "will is power" and that when one really wants to reach a goal, he succeeds.

Merry Christmas to everyone, Merry Christmas to Antenna 3.

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